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PGAS – Between hell(ennia) and the deep blue sea

Petrogress Inc. is a vertically integrated oil company, active in the business of trading, shipping, and distributing petroleum products. Its headquarters is in the Hellenic republic, which turns out to be Greece (had to look that one up). It seems that my skill in geography is not what I thought it was. Let’s hope my…

ESWW – Looking for a catalyst

Environmental Solutions Worldwide Inc., is a manufacturer of catalytic converter products, founded in 1998. This video gives an impression of what the business is about. The company doesn’t publish any information currently. With ESWW’s average share volume of 497, it’s a bit of a challenge to acquire a position, even a small sized one. What…

ACGX – Too cheap to ignore

Every now and then, whilst scanning through the OTC Markets, I come across companies with very low market caps, between 100 and 200k. Usually, these are empty shells and merely remnants of the past. Rarely, a company is still in business. Even more rarely, the company is making money. Alliance Creative Group is such a…

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